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  1. Moogubar

    The brigade was founded in March with two battalions, the 2nd and 8th. The 7th Battalion was created in April, with the 9th Battalion being the last of the four. Yisrael Galili, the Haganah Chief of Staff, and Yigal Allon, the Palmach commander, chose Sarig to command the brigade in December , although the residents of the Negev and David Ben-Gurion appointed Shaul Avigur instead.
  2. Brakora

    Lengthen definition is - to make longer. How to use lengthen in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of lengthen.
  3. Tami

    Quando il Signore fece tornare i reduci di Sion,. ci sembrava di sognare. 2 Allora spuntarono sorrisi sulle nostre labbra e canti di gioia sulle nostre lingue. Allora si diceva tra le nazioni: «Il Signore ha fatto cose grandi per loro».. 3 Il Signore ha fatto cose grandi per noi e noi siamo nella gioia. 4 Signore, fa’ tornare i nostri deportati, come torrenti nel deserto del Neghev.
  4. Mikazil

    Deșertul Negev sau Neggev (pronunțare: Ne ghev) (în ebraică נֶגֶב, în arabă النقب Al Naqab)) este un deșert în sudul Israelului. Suprafața sa este de km 2.
  5. Muhn

    Neguev - Douglas Tenney (heb., neghev, árido). La región desértica al sur de Judea. El término también significa sur, debido a su posición geográfica con respecto a Judá, y desierto por su aridez (comparar(Gn ), nota de RVA;(Ez ).
  6. Dousar

    elekiboy uploaded a video 1 month ago Finnish vocal version of Le Neghev (Les Mustangs) Le ciel est si beau ce soir - Duration: 2 minutes.
  7. Mikasida

    lengthen: verb add to, aggrandize, amplify, augment, compound, continue, draw out, elongate, enlarge, enlarge upon, expand, extend, increase, keep, make.

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