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  1. Shaktijora

    Code Orange, formerly known as Code Orange Kids, are a Pittsburgh-based, hardcore band. They released two albums through Deathwish Inc., both to critical acclaim. After their.
  2. Tojazragore

    Unpredictability is the law as CODE ORANGE navigate through their distorted world. Title track "I Am King" shifts from "heavy" to "hard to define" through the use of unorthodox guitar work/percussion and chaotic structure. While songs "Dreams in Inertia", "Starve", and "Bind You" all wear an art-rock crown while claiming a metallic throne.
  3. Akinosida

    Sep 02,  · I Am King Lyrics: Take in what they tell you to / I spit to spit, they spew to spew / My aura draws, you follow suit / Finks in packs and bred in twos / Peasant thoughts and peasant dreams / You.
  4. Meztigul

    Code Orange "I Am King" (Full Album) Deathwishinc; 11 videos; 41, views; Code Orange "Bind You" by Deathwishinc. Code Orange "Mercy" by Deathwishinc. Language: English.
  5. Goltiramar

    Nov 06,  · Category Music; Song Unclean Spirit; Artist Code Orange Kids; Album I Am King; Writers Damon Albarn, Dave Rowntree, Alex James, Graham Coxon.
  6. Zulkir

    Sep 02,  · I Am King Code Orange. Released September 2, Bind You Lyrics. Mercy “I Am King” Q&A. Album Credits. Featuring AJ Borish, Eric Shaeffer, Joe Sanderson & 1 more. Producers Kurt.
  7. Dairr

    Album Rating: Review is a little too long, but I guess it can be justified. I felt the other review didn't explain anything about it besides trying to tell you you've heard everything before, it definetly isn't the most original thing out there but theres more too it and originality isn't all that makes a record good or bad. I Am King is so.
  8. Fetaxe

    I Am King is the second studio album by American hardcore punk band Code Orange and first to be released under this moniker after previously being referred to as "Code Orange Kids." The Kurt Ballou -produced album was released on September 2, through Deathwish Inc.
  9. Vitaxe

    We are code orange. We are code orange kids. If a word being moved around shakes you lijasounesecothibukekaxiqua.xyzinfo off board now. Out with the old. In with the new. No mercy. CODE ORANGE - I AM KING. Be no longer hopeless mission. For everything or none at all. See the world with code orange vision. Carve the words into your skull. I AM KING. Recorded and.

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