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  1. Nakazahn

    Ghost Song by Sarah Rayne ★'s From The Book: The old Tarleton music hall is the subject of a mysterious building restriction that has kept it closed for more than 90 years. When Robert Fallon is asked to survey the structure, he finds clues indicating that /5.
  2. Yosida

    Ghost Song is an upcoming "Metroidvania" style game with a particular emphasis on atmosphere, isolation, and mystery. Take control of a lost, nameless soul in search of answers and purpose. Delve the depths of the treacherous world Lorian V to uncover its secrets, meet .
  3. Kalkis

    Ghost Song: A Journey of Hope A beautiful 2D sci-fi metroidvania about love, hope, and redemption. Gameplay influenced by Super Metroid and Dark Souls.

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