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  1. Kazizahn

    Oct 28,  · complies. second-person singular imperfect indicative form of complir; French Etymology. From Latin complētae. Doublet of complète. Pronunciation. IPA: /kɔ̃.pli/ Noun. complies f pl.
  2. Gazahn

    "The RNC is committed to holding a safe convention that fully complies with local health regulations in place at the time," a spokesperson for the RNC said in a statement.
  3. Mimuro

    Compile definition is - to compose out of materials from other documents. How to use compile in a sentence.
  4. Shakakree

    Complies with industry standards for data security, browser compatibility, and accessibility.. 遵守并执行有关数据安全 、 浏览器兼容性, 以及残疾人使用方便等方面的工业标准. 互联网.
  5. Fegor

    Define complice. complice synonyms, complice pronunciation, complice translation, English dictionary definition of complice. n. Archaic An associate or accomplice, especially in crime. n .
  6. Melkis

    EXAMPLES FROM THE WEB FOR COMPLIES We can, in fact, only retain him as we do the buffalo, so long as he complies with the statutes. For it cannot be that anything should please that offends nature, or anything displease that complies with natural inclinations. You must be perfectly blind not to see that he complies .
  7. Maran

    Complies definition: to act in accordance with rules, wishes, etc; be obedient (to) | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.
  8. Fautilar

    comply with (something) To follow or adhere to a particular rule or regulation. Please be advised that your construction project needs to comply with all building codes.

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