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  1. Tocage

    Kissing is nicey, I've often heard say, But still how to do it, I don't know the way, So you put your arm round my waist, I promise I won't scream or cry, So you do the kissing & cuddling instead, 'Cause I'm shy Mary Ellen I'm shy.
  2. Zulkidal

    Chorus: Shy, shy, shy, shy, Oh! I'm shy—dreadfully shy. Shy, shy, shy, shy, I can't pass a stay shop, because I'm so shy. Some people go to the theatre each night To see actresses dress'd "comme il faut," But I never will cast my eyes on the stage, Unless the footlights they're put low. There's the ballet girls too, so graceful to view.
  3. Gardazuru

    I m Shy, Mary Ellen, I m Shy Sheet Music, Jack Pleasants, George A. Stevens.
  4. Vudogor

    Charlie Kunz (Piano) I'll be your sweetheart (Chorus) CDR Charlie Kunz (Piano) I'm Shy Mary Ellen (Chorus) CDR Charlie Kunz (Piano) In the good old Summer time (Chorus) CDR Charlie Kunz (Piano) In the Twi-twi-twilight (Chorus) CDR Charlie Kunz (Piano) Katie Connor (Chorus) CDR Charlie Kunz (Piano) Let the great big world keep.
  5. Vira

    Complete list of British Music Hall Songs reissued by lijasounesecothibukekaxiqua.xyzinfo In the good old Summer time (Chorus) Charlie Kunz (Piano) CDR In the Hills of Colorado Troise & Mandoliers Mary Ellen, t’Isle of Man Ella Retford CDR Mary Ellen's Hot Pot Party Gracie Fields VAR
  6. Grozahn

    Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Dreadfully Shy From: The Fooles Troupe Date: 17 Dec 04 - AM "I'm shy Mary Ellen I'm shy" was a big music hall hit. The BBC TV show "Black & White Minstrels" used to do it. Can't give any more help at the moment, the memeory is not consistent - Parody Error! Squawk!
  7. Fauzil

    So you put your arm round my waist, I promise I won't scream or cry, So you do the kissing and cuddling instead, 'Cos I'm shy, Mary Ellen, I'm shy". Last year with Mary Ellen To Lowestoft I went, Mary Ellen said to me, "I'm going bathing in the sea. So while I go and have a splash Where all the ladies go, You go and have a bathe amongst the men.
  8. Bazuru

    I'm Shy, Mary Ellen, I'm Shy, a song by Charlie Kunz on Spotify.
  9. Fenrijind

    In the #4 song in the charts was I'm Shy Mary Ellen, I'm Shy by Jack Pleasants. Watch the music video and discover trivia about this classic Pop song now.

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