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  1. Arashidal

    The Spiritual Baptist faith is a syncretic Afro-American religion that combines elements of traditional African religion with lijasounesecothibukekaxiqua.xyzinfoe the African influences, Spiritual Baptists consider themselves to be Christians. The Baptist faith was brought to Trinidad by the Merikins, former American slaves who were recruited by the British to fight, as the Corps of Colonial Marines, against.
  2. Mikaran

    The Liberty prayer list communicates prayer needs, hospitalizations, and ministry needs to the Liberty family. The updates are received by email. To receive the prayer list you must subscribe to the list using the form below. Changes to your email address or the desire to unsubscribe must be managed by the subscriber. There is no specific [ ].
  3. Mikazuru

    The Liberty Praise Team was formed in March of , when Liberty began a contemporary praise and worship service. The material we incorporate into our worship service is taken from a variety of Christian artists and groups, and we occasionally put a “modern” twist on songs from the Methodist Hymnal and the Cokesbury Hymnal.
  4. Tataur

    Sep 04,  · In other words, the way that Peter described baptism in this passage is that it is functioning essentially as a prayer of faith. In being baptized, a sinner is visibly calling out to God, or praying, seeking a new life free of judgment and guilt—a life that is fully found in and connected to Jesus. Baptism, then, is the sinner’s prayer.
  5. Shaktikasa

    Yes, I most certainly am! Please feel free to pray for these things along with me! And yet, I am not in fear and trembling about what eternity brings. The Holy Spirit has sealed that future for me a long time ago when I humbly accepted the finished work of Christ as the payment for my awful sin.
  6. Gajind

    The Power of Praying in the Spirit. by Adam Wittenberg. 8/18/16 Prayer There is an exhortation in Scripture to pray—and sing—with our spirit and our understanding. “I will pray with the spirit, and I will also pray with the understanding. I will sing with the spirit, and I .
  7. Maubei

    About. Many have been praying and longing for another Great Awakening to sweep our land. The resources and links on this site are created and curated by the Executive Committee in cooperation with prayer teams of PrayerLink members and are directly related to the ministries of a state Baptist convention, an SBC entity, or a Convention-approved ministry on the SBC event calendar.

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