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  1. Voodoogar

    Can't Relate I Infect The Fix Immaculate Deception Satisfied Means Pacified Days Are Numbered Ha Ha Ha No Love Fear Bloodsucking Friends Dead To The World Destructive And Desperate Strangled By Progress Burned 13 'til Death Unfortunately Of A Greater God Life Is No.
  2. Shaktik

    CAUSTIC CHRIST - CanŽt Relate LP: Following up their 7" on Havoc and splits with Rambo and Intense Youth, Caustic Christ unleashes their first full lenght on the scene. Poseurs shall know fear as the Caustic Christ hardcore steamroller crushes all opposition. Caustic Christ has one of the most unique "sounds" in current hardcore because they mix the bass.
  3. Moogukree

    Caustic Christ: Cant Relate: Rabid Dog Records: Video Nofx: Ten Years Of Fucking Up: DVD Dee Dee Ramone: Hey Is Dee Dee Home // Doc. On Dee Dee Ramones: Director Lech Kowalski: G.g. Allin: Hated In The Nation: Gg Allin & The Murder Junkies: .

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