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  1. Gumi

    Sep 02,  · Artist: Adamantine Album: Downfall of Adamastor (EP) Year: Genre: Thrash/ Heavy Metal Country: Portugal Adamantine - The DragonRiders - Duration: Nistarn views.
  2. Dukree

    Downfall of Adamastor Play Video stats: 6: The Dragon Riders Play Video stats: 6: Voodoo Play Video stats: 6: 9: Poisoning The Well Play Video stats: 5: As The World Dies Play Video stats: 4: Viriathus Betrayal Play Video stats: 4: A Lesson in Violence (Exodus cover) Play Video stats: 3: Dying God Play Video stats: 2: Fire That.
  3. Arashitaur

    Produced and Mixed by frontman André Bettencourt, the new album by metallers ADAMANTINE, perpetuate their unique brand of Melodic Thrash Metal. This time, the band adds some straightforward Heavy Rock vibes to the mix, stronger Vocal lines and even more Guitar shredding.
  4. Kashicage

    This ultra-hard metal adds to the quality of a weapon or suit of armor. Weapons fashioned from adamantine have a natural ability to bypass hardness when sundering weapons or attacking objects, ignoring hardness less than Armor made from adamantine grants its wearer damage reduction of 1/- if it’s light armor, 2/- if it’s medium armor, and 3/- if it’s heavy armor. Adamantine is so.
  5. Voodoojar

    "You are as solid as the foundations of the world. Nothing can break you — ever."[MP] Prerequisite: 21st level, fighter or warlord Armored Icon: When you complete your final quest, you stand as an immaculate example of the knight in shining armor. All armored warriors throughout time recall your story. Your armored form is the ultimate gauge by which all other armored juggernauts measure.
  6. Mom

    Adamantine was never used to sunder armor. In e it had bonuses to sunder weapons and attack objects.. Of course, 5e doesn’t have a sunder ability and most of the mechanics have been revised to ignore objects worn/carried: the underlying philosophy being that in 5e you generally don’t have to worry about losing gear (even rust monsters have been toned down a bit.).
  7. Meshicage

    ADAMANTINE is a Metal band from Lisbon, Portugal formed in by frontman André Bettencourt, as one of the first Portuguese acts in the New Wave of Thrash Metal - and they do it all, from fast riffs with a heavy sound to super melodic choruses always lijasounesecothibukekaxiqua.xyzinfo fresh approach combining Modern Thrash with Rock have set them apart from other bands within the genre and established.
  8. Guzuru

    Adamantine Armor. Armor (medium or heavy, but not hide), uncommon. This suit of armor is reinforced with adamantine, one of the hardest substances in existence. While you're wearing it, any critical hit against you becomes a normal hit. Weapons. There is more information about Adamantine Weapons in Xanathar's Guide to Everything on page
  9. Nikonos

    Even though The Adamantine Palace spends much more of its time with its human characters, they are defined by the dragons around them. The alchemists, ever cautious because one slip might mean death to an entire kingdom. The dragon-riders who secretly think they are more than men because of .

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