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  1. Vomuro

    suffering injury or bodily harm, as a laceration or bullet wound: to bandage a wounded hand.
  2. Sagore

    Synonyms for wounded at lijasounesecothibukekaxiqua.xyzinfo with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Find descriptive alternatives for wounded.
  3. Akigrel

    Wound definition, an injury, usually involving division of tissue or rupture of the integument or mucous membrane, due to external violence or some mechanical agency rather than disease. See more.
  4. Ninris

    Wounded Knee Massacre (December 29, ), the slaughter of approximately – Lakota Indians by U.S. Army troops in the area of Wounded Knee Creek in southwestern South Dakota. The massacre was the climax of the U.S. Army’s late 19th-century efforts to repress the Plains Indians.
  5. Kagacage

    The peace of the temple is a soothing balm to the wounded soul. Return to the Lord’s house with your wounded heart and your family names as frequently as possible. The temple projects our brief moment in mortality onto the wide screen of eternity. Look backward, remembering that you proved your worthiness in your premortal state.
  6. Akimuro

    Define wounded. wounded synonyms, wounded pronunciation, wounded translation, English dictionary definition of wounded. n. 1. An injury to an organism, especially one in which the skin or another external surface is torn, pierced, cut, or otherwise broken. 2. An injury to the.
  7. Vutaur

    wounded: [adjective] injured, hurt by, or suffering from a wound.
  8. Mazunris

    wounded definition: 1. offended or upset by what someone has said or done: 2. injured, especially with a cut or hole. Learn more.

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